Business Consulting

Working and communicating ‘one on one’, ensures that we accurately identify the issues/problem(s), work on a range of solutions and present them to you in an appropriate way so that you can make an informed decision on action to be taken. All areas of your business can be addressed, or a program for specific areas of concern can be developed. We can do all or part of the documentation and delivery, whichever suits your business/budget and staff capability. The ultimate goal for successful business consultation, is the development and implementation of our Business Process Workflow Systemisation – assess, document and streamline current processes and systems, in order to reduce expenses while improving customer/client retention and outcomes.

Business Coaching

We work with you directly to identify the problem(s), brainstorm with you on possible solutions, while utilising your expertise and knowledge of the market to focus on your most viable options. We then work with you to guide you on implementation and provide feedback and guidance on a regular basis. Coaching is an ongoing process with formal weekly/monthly plans and tasks to be completed in agreed timeframes between regular coaching calls. This ensures accountability and authenticity of progress for the staff member and/or principal business owner.

Coming together is beginning / Keeping together is progress / Working together is success - PRIORITISE


These sessions are developed and delivered based on individual business/practice needs and industry specifics. Motivational presentations, conference/seminar facilitation and formal and informal presentations are geared to specific genres within the health and allied health sectors. This ensures industry relevance that we can apply CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points to staff in attendance.

Staff presentation (clean, neat and appropriate) and the manner in which they conduct themselves (speech, manners, respect and care) are extremely important influences on our practice image. Our interactive group workshops around these personal and professional attributes are tremendously successful, and benefit the practice, patients/clients and the staff members themselves.