Workshops, Seminars, Webinars

Units of Competency (UOC) – Our blended delivery of the Diploma of Practice Management and Cert III and Cert IV in Health Administration, means students Australia wide, have the opportunity to attend face to face classes in their area when available. These classes complement our regular delivery of Online Virtual Classroom lectures.

In house/practice staff training – We have a very large range of topics designed around RACGP guidelines and current State and Federal laws.

For example – Conflict Management, Triage at Reception, Confidentiality and Privacy in the Practice, On-boarding new staff, Infection Control at the Front desk, Leadership and Strategic Thinking ……. and the list goes on. Due to the many types and sizes of practices, we specialise in tailoring our training to individual requirements, and deliver at an appropriate time and place so as not to interrupt normal practice operating hours.