Workshops, Seminars, Webinars

Units of Competence (UOC) Accredited and Unaccredited – Our accredited workshops and seminars deliver actual subjects (UOCs) that are part of the Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma of Practice management formal studies. These are intensive workshops that can be delivered through the same method as our other workshops but offer the added benefit of giving the attendee, the opportunity to take the assessments post workshop to obtain a certified competency in that unit. The attendee gains vital knowledge and skills in the subject, even if they choose not to sit the formal exam. They also have the opportunity to build on their formal education and gain RPL (Record of Prior Learning) towards certified courses and training in the future.

Online Virtual Classroom - Our Virtual Classroom Online software allows us to deliver the Diploma of Practice Management and the Cert III, Cert IV in Health Administration courses, in a live and real time classroom environment. We also use this platform to deliver workshops and seminars Australia wide especially for remote locations.

Interactive Webinars are live and presented via a platform that enables attendees to interact (ask questions and receive instant answers) from the speaker through a live feed. All attendees can hear and speak with each other interactively, which creates a personalized experience and real learning environment. These webinars are recorded in their entirety and can be accessed any time after the live presentations. Our webinars can be customised to suit your individual practice staff requirements, or we have a wide range of current and up to date topics that we deliver regularly.